Baggins End
Student Built Housing at UC Davis

Stories about Baggins End in California Aggie's online news service and the Davis Enterprise

Davis Enterprise, 2001 October 22
Experiment from '70s still working, by Beth Miller/Enterprise staff writer

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Domes' residents enjoy cooperative lifestyle. Wednesday January 26th 2000. By Sara Oliver, Aggie Features Writer. At the west end of campus, nestled among fields and trees, exists a unique cooperative housing community. The street address is Baggins End and its residents make their homes in large fiberglass domes. The Domes, as the site is commonly known, is an innovative community made up of people who share an interest in cooperative living and a simple lifestyle ...
Baggins End provides safe haven for domies. Monday November 30th 1998. By Anjali Asrani, Aggie Features Writer. The typical dome houses two students. Photo [at right] by Florence Low / Aggie. Located on the west side of campus behind an enclosure of trees and bushes, Baggins End has offered a safe and open community ...
Domes provide unique housing with community feel for UCD students. By Irina Beffa, Aggie Features Writer. Aggie File Students who live in the domes enjoy on-campus conviences while escaping the dorms.. If the Flintstones were to take a drive through Davis, they would undoubtedly head straight for the domes...

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