GOF 2002 Video Clips

Hi y'all good ol' fashioned folks,

Here you will find a list of almost 150 short video clips (MPEGS) that I took at the GOF. You can click on any one of them to see and listen to the bands all over again. I used it sparingly in the beginning, not knowing how much of the camera's memory I would be using. Plus I'm partial to young performers and the banjo. Sorry if I didn't record your favorite group!

Lord willin' one day soon I'll figure out how to edit these videos. I'll make a few comments to guide you a bit.

Now here's the catch: SONY incorporates into their Mavica cameras the capability to do short videos. For this I am grateful. Meanwhile, in their infinite wisdom, they decided that 15 seconds was the right time limit for a video. Or at least that's as far as it goes on the menu. How they came up with this I have no idea -- an earlier model was simply limited by a floppy's memory. Sigh... More often than not I timed it so that you get the beginning but [unfortunately] not the ending of a stanza or chorus. Maybe there's a secret menu or we'll find something even better by next year!

Yet, as they say in espaņol, vale la pena -- it's worth the trouble. Some of these videos will remind you well of an awesome weekend! And if these clips don't satisfy, I guess you'll have to "buy the album."

Does anyone out there know how to patch these silly things together? If so, I can post your edited versions.