Natural Bridges EcoVillage
a planned sustainable community in Santa Cruz

1979 Aerial Photo, Natural Bridges EcoVillage Site
Click for 1999 photo (large file)
Topo map of site and surrounding area
[Look for "Antonelli Pond"]
EcoSystems is planning, developing and marketing a network of environmentally sound, affordable and sustainable communities. Sustainability means "a continuing process of economic and social development, in both developing and industrialized nations, that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." [Global Tomorrow Coalition]

The EcoVillages Concept

In the context of growing consumer awareness of environmental issues, there is a great need for practical, affordable communities supporting an environmental lifestyle that won't compromise modern expectations of personal comfort and social stability. The EcoVillage lifestyle can be supported by integrated technologies and community benefits, including:

For more details, refer to Site Plans prepared in 2002 and A Concept Plan for Natural Bridges, prepared in 1992.
Our first project was Baggins End, built by students at UC Davis in 1972.

What some other folks are doing

Civano in Tucson is to be developed by The Trust for Sustainable Development.

Ron Swenson, John Hernikl, John Deamer, and Frank de Winter at the dedication of the Thoreau Center for Sustainability in San Francisco, June 1996 (at EV solar charging station)


For EcoVillages development, EcoSystems, Inc. provides master planning, capital formation, properties acquisition, ecological/economic technologies, approvals, project management, construction and marketing services.


updated 2002 April 27

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