UltraLight Rail
Commentary on the First Night Trolley

December 31, 1996:

"Welcome to the First Night Trolly --
RegioSprinter Demonstration"

"The First Night Trolley is part of the Regional Transportation Commission's ongoing Train Demonstration Program, designed to showcase various passenger rail options for Santa Cruz County as we look to our transportation future."

with the technology of the past:
Diesel Powered:2 engines at 198kW (270 HP each)
Maximum weight: approx 50 tons
Maximum passengers:74 seated/100 standees = 174 total
Weight/passenger:575 lbs!
the RegioSprinter from Siemens. No offense to the Germans, but .... Can't we do better than that?!

On the positive side, the RegioSprinter is "self-propelled,... it has a low floor section for easy handling, and it comes equipped with bicycle racks and wheelchair spaces."
updated 1997 February 9