March/April 2006 and July/August 2007
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Biofuels: Science or Fiction, by Ron Swenson [2007 July/August]

"The quest to reduce our oil addiction and to develop new liquid fuels has a new focus, the siren song of biofuels — literally and figuratively, the last straw."

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Dawn of the Solar Era, five articles, see below [2006 March/April]

  1. Francis de Winter & Ron Swenson: A Wake-up Call (html)
    The sun is the only energy source that can meet the oil depletion challenge. But solar energy ramp-up must be large-scale and immediate.
  2. Ronal Larson: Chair's Corner: The Future is Renewable Energy
    The days of cheap oil are numbered, but RE is growing fast enough to fill the breach.
  3. Colin J. Campbell: The Second Half of the Age of Oil Dawns
    The question is not when the world will run out of oil and natural gas, but how we will prepare today.
  4. Tom Starrs: Imagine
    Picture a world where peace, health and prosperity reign. It’s no utopian vision, but one built on renewable energy.
  5. Congressman Roscoe G. Bartlett: Transitioning to a New Paradigm
    Now is the time to establish a strategic plan to address the inevitable end of cheap oil.


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