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Renewable Energy Roadmaps

Source Region Date Energy Type Roadmap
Status, GW|% Annual Growth Goal: % or GW Goal Year
IEA Global 2005 Renewables World Energy Outlook, the "Authoritative Source" for Energy Market Analysis.
Reviewed by ISES
see website     2% 2030
ISES Global 2003 CSP (Concentrating) and others Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Future, by Donald W. Aitken archived
(Executive Summary)
    100 GW 2025
ISES Developing World 2003 Renewables Renewable Energy Future for the Developing World, by Dieter Holm archived     100 GW 2025
WorldWatch Global 2005 Renewables Renewables 2005, Global Status Report • Notes archived
Peak Sun Silicon Global 2006 PV Solar Growth, by John Schumacher see website        
NREL USA 2003 PV The U.S. Photovolatic Industry Roadmap archived   25% 10% 2030
ASES USA   Renewables Common Sense: Making the Transition to a Sustainable Energy Economy see website        
SEIA USA 2004 PV Our Solar Power Future archived   26% 2015-2020 200 GW 2030
The American Council On Renewable Energy USA 2005 Renewables Renewable Energy in America: The Policies for Phase II archived        
AWEA USA 2002 Small Wind Roadmap: The U.S. Small Wind Turbine Industry, a 20-year industry plan for small wind turbine technology archived 15 MW      
AWEA USA 2002 Wind Wind Energy and Climate Change see website     30 GW 2010
SERI USA MidWest 1980 Type Midcontinent Perspectives: The Solar Prospect, by Denis Hayes, Director, Solar Energy Research Institute, at Midwest Research Institute, Kansas City, Missouri archived        
Energy Atlas USA West 1999 Renewables Status of Renewable Energy Development in the West archived        
Union of Concerned Scientists USA 2005 Renewables Clean Energy Blueprint: A Smarter National Energy Policy for Today and the Future archived        
Natural Resources Defense Council USA Date Conservation A Responsible Energy Plan for America archived        
Minister for Sustainable Development Sweden 2005 Non-Fossil Sweden aims to end oil dependency by 2020 see website 26% (2003)   100% 2020
Blanks in this matrix will be filled as additional information becomes available.

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