A Brief History of EcoSystems

Date Project/Venture Description Location A Sketch
1998+ KiteShip Ships propelled by kites Santa Cruz, CA
1998+ SolarQuest™ Solar Education Chelsea, VT
1994+ Solar Micro-Utilities Photovoltaics Manufacturing Santa Cruz, CA
1990+ TPTS Development Company Energy-efficient water heater development Santa Cruz, CA
1992-1996 Escuderia Tonatiuh Mexican solar race car team Mexico City
1992-1994 Hughes Power Control Systems Electric vehicle market research Torrance, CA
1992-1994 Institute of Engineering, Universidad Autónoma Nacional de México Solar energy and electric vehicle development Mexico City
1981 California Energy Commission Wind energy system installation Fairfield, CA
1978 IBM Corporation Application of solar energy systems to research complex San Jose, CA
1977-1979 Central Coating Company Commercial insulation and roofing Madera, CA
1973-1977 Banyon Homes
Ernest J. Kump and Assoc.
Unilith Enterprises
Panelized housing systems San Jose, CA
Palo Alto, CA
Genoa, NV
1972 Baggins End Student-built fiberglas/foam homes UC Davis, Davis, CA
1971 Nelson House Second home Santa Cruz, CA

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