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Sustainable Development
Solar Energy
Solar and Electric Vehicles

Sustainable Development

Solar / Renewable Energy

Solar and Electric Vehicles

  • The World Solar Challenge ... is a race for solar powered vehicles which runs from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia. The race has been held every three years -- now it will be every two years -- the next one being in October/November, 1998.
  • Sunrayce 95 ... Competition of solar race cars from 38 Universities from the USA, Canada and Mexico in June of 1995
  • Electric Transportation ... EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) on EV's. EPRI has much to do with EV Infrastructure development
  • Wilde-EVolutions and Quick Cable ... reports on new EV world speed records from Bonneville, October 1996
  • EcoElectric ... great information source about electric vehicles
  • Solectria Corporation ... innovators in use of composites for EVs
  • Mike Walden ... building solar powered rigid hulled lighter than air ships

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